Green Roofs

Perhaps of all the types of commercial roofs available today, green roofing systems have experienced the greatest surge in popularity in the last few years.

Green roofs are typically flat and partially or completely covered with vegetation soil. They are planted over a waterproofing membrane. This system reduces the heat island effect. It absorbs heat and dramatically improves the roof’s insulating values. They lengthen the lifespan of the roof as much as two to three times, resulting in savings in heating and cooling costs as well as repairs and replacement.

The environmental impact of these buildings are increasingly important in today’s design and installation considerations.
Green roofs go beyond the meaning of contemporary architecture and give a new value to the role of buildings within urban planning. They bring back the natural element in the urban environment but also to provide solutions for important issues such as urban heat, island effect, and storm water management.


Extensive green roofs 
Extensive green roofs have shallow (typically 7–10cm) soils. They support sedums, moss, herbs, grasses and other vegetation. They are the lightest type and provide attractive protection to the waterproof
membrane and significantly reduce water run-off. Inspect once or twice per year. Do regular fertilization once per year, in fall or early spring. This ensures proper growth and success. The irrigation system is not necessary unless there are extremely long periods of dry weather conditions. You do not need regular access.

Intensive green roofs 
Intensive green roofs have a deeper soil layer (15cm upwards). They have a wider variety of plant types can be grown. These include lawns to ornamental bushes and semi-mature trees. The type of planting will determine the depth of soil required, the need for an irrigation system, and the level of maintenance. Regular access is normally provided on this type. Therefore, incorporate paved areas, walls, and even water features in the design.

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